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Sabbath Day

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Tikvat Yisrael holds Shabbat Services on Saturday at 10:30am Hawai’i Standard Time (HST).

When does the Sabbath day begin? Check for Shabbat times in  Hawai’i & your area and check the order of service below.

Tikvat's Weekly Ministry

Join Us As the Ruach Hakodesh Leads You!


( Saturday )

Torah Service

( 10:30 - 12:30pm )

Oneg - light potluck meal

( 12:30pm - 1:00pm )

Torah Study - length varies

( 1:00pm - 12:30pm )

Yom Rison

( Sunday )

Yom Sheni

( Monday )

Halawa Prison Ministry

( Morning )

Yom Shlishi

( Tuesday )

Bible Study

( 6:00pm )

Yom Revi'i

( Wednesday )

Home Ministry

( Morning )

Bible & Hebrew Home Study

( 3:00pm )

Yom Chamishi

( Thursday )

OCCC Prison Ministry

( morning )

Waikiki Bible Study

( 3:00pm )

Yom Sishi

( Friday )

Torah Training Conference Call

( Afternoon )

Welcoming in the Sabbath

( Evening )

Have Questions or a Ministry Idea?

Get In Touch With Rabbi Daniel Klutstein

The Order of Shabbat Service

Torah Service

Silence & Prayer

This begins every service which is then followed up by singing the transliterated Hebrew scriptures from the Siddur and repeating them in spoken English.

Praise & Worship

Praise & Worship is next, followed by testimonies and announcements.

Keiki / Children's Time

During Keiki Time, we involve all of our attending youth and their parents, praying individually for their children; then the keiki stay behind for a brief yet special message dedicated to them.

Torah Service

Torah Service begins with the taking out of the Torah, Torah reading, Prayer and a short Torah Study preview.

Prayer Requests

This free prayer period is at the close of Torah Service.

אֶמצַע - Oneg
(light meal)


KIDDUSH - begins with a song and prayer over the bread and wine and the meal. Christians would refer to this portion of the service as communion. We offer both wine and provide grape juice for those who do not wish to consume alcohol. The bread is baked fresh by anyone in attendance who wishes to do so. During Passover week we serve unleavened Matzah.


This is really the intermission meal between Torah Service And Torah Study; it varies in length from week to week. This is a potluck meal which represents the fruits, vegetables, snacks, and prepared dishes which friends, visitors and members decided to bring. If you wish to bring a meal, snack, drinks, or dish we cordially invite you to do so, provided it is Torah observant, i.e., without pork, shellfish or unclean ingredients.

לימוד תורה Torah Study

Torah Study

Torah Study varies in length from week to week. Each Shabbat, the current weeks full Torah portion is studied. Find this week’s Torah portion here.

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